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    Enhanced display head-up display
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    Complex optical path design lays the foundation for AR implementation
    Adopt off-axis three-reflection principle to achieve large-scale, high-quality aerial imaging and complete AR scene coverage.
    Personalized custom design to empower the car
    According to customer needs, we provide a full range of customized designs such as multi-scheme, multi-function, and multi-theme.
    • PGU scheme
    • Image size
      >60 inches
    • Throw distance
    • Eyebox
    Diversified functions, matching the personalized UI interface of the vehicle
    Integrate functions such as vehicle instrumentation, navigation and assisted driving, and match the vehicle UI interface for personalized display.
    • Speed/ Overspeed
    • Alarm information
    • Caller information
    • Navigation information
    • BSD warning
    • Lane departure
    • ACC cruise
    • Forward car warning
    Straight line guidance
    Turn guidance
    ACC cruise
    Customer Cases