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    Structural Engineer
    Job Responsibilities:
    • 1. Carry out feasibility assessment on the modeling CAS data input by the OEM, and give engineering feasibility report and suggestions.
    • 2. Build design concepts and be responsible for product structural design, output design drawings (2D and 3D drawings), and prepare technical documents such as BOM/DFMEA.
    • 3. Responsible for technical exchanges with suppliers and mold follow-up.
    • 4. Participate in the assembly of new product samples, support production, and continuously improve related issues before mass production.
    • 5. Responsible for the production of PPAP data related to the structure and the management of technical data.
    Job Requirements:
    • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design, etc., with 3 years or more experience in structural design and experience in docking with car factories is preferred.
    • 2. Proficient in using Catia3D drawing software.
    • 3. Have a certain understanding of the stepper motor or display assembly, familiar with the simple gear transmission design of the stepper motor is preferred.
    • 4. Knowledge of APQP process is preferred, and experience in DFMEA preparation is preferred.
    • 5. Familiar with the design of plastic, die-casting and stamping parts, and understand injection molds, die-casting molds, and stamping molds.
    • 6. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills.
    Immediate delivery