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    Functional Safety Systems Engineer
    Hefei & ShenzhenR&DUndergraduate
    Job Responsibilities:
    • 1. Communicate and manage detailed technical requirements for product design.
    • 2. Feasibility study of the scheme, system architecture design and component selection or suggestion.
    • 3. System architecture design of the company's products.
    • 4. Functional safety architecture design and related review work of the company's products.
    • 5. Compile product system-level DFMEA, and integrate DFMEA of hardware structure and other modules.
    • 6. Write relevant documents for the realization of the above work.
    • 7. Other related work arranged by superiors.
    Job Requirements:
    • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication, automation, embedded software, automotive engineering, etc..
    • 2. More than 2 years of automotive product system engineer or functional safety development experience is preferred.
    • 3. Have driving experience and be familiar with the principle and structure of automobiles.
    • 4. Have good expression and communication teamwork skills.
    • 5. Understand the ISO26262 standard.
    Immediate delivery