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    Embedded Software Engineer
    Job Responsibilities:
    • 1. Responsible for the development of driver software and application functions based on SOC chips such as Ambarella and TI.
    • 2. Responsible for the application function development of vehicle products such as CMS and HUD.
    • 3. Responsible for the development of auxiliary test tools related to vehicle products.
    • 4. Responsible for the maintenance and development of SOC and MCU communication related protocols.
    • 5. Responsible for project software release and client-side technical connection.
    • 6. Responsible for the preparation of relevant technical documents (such as: software requirements specifications, user manual documents, DFMEA, communication protocol specifications, etc.).
    • 7. Evaluate the feasibility of relevant software functions in the SOR specification, and output evaluation opinions and solutions.
    • 8. Analyze and solve product technical problems found in testing or after-sales.
    • 9. Complete other technical development work arranged by superior leaders.
    Job Requirements:
    • 1. Computer software related major, bachelor degree or above.
    • 2. Proficient in C/C++ programming language, as well as object-oriented development concepts and common software development architectures.
    • 3. Familiar with real-time operating systems such as Threadx, OpenRTOS, and Linux.
    • 4. Familiar with software version control tools such as git.
    • 5. Familiar with IIC, SPI, UART, USB, CAN communication protocols, and have relevant module development experience.
    • 6. Experience in Ambarella platform development, familiar with Ambarella SDK development environment or front-mounted vehicle ECU product developers is preferred.
    • 7. Have good communication and teamwork skills.
    Immediate delivery