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    Hefei Jiangcheng Technology was supported by the industrialization project of enterprise research and development products

    (The following content comes from the public account - Hefei High Investment)

    In order to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of private enterprises and promote the high-quality development of the private economy, the Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology recently announced the 2022 Anhui Province Manufacturing Powerhouse and Private Economic Policy Fund Support Projects, of which Hefei High Investment 20 investment enterprise projects Supported by the enterprise R&D product industrialization project. they are, respectively:

    Fuxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Artificial intelligence core basic chip research and development project.

    Anhui Mickey Technology Co., Ltd. Text processing system development and industrialization project based on LSTM and ERNIE hybrid model.

    Hefei Hexagon Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RISC-V-based VR display SOC chip development.

    Hefei Zhongke Zhichi Technology Co., Ltd. R&D and industrialization of unmanned driving systems in specific environments.

    Anhui Yiyitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. R&D and industrialization of intelligent sorting data platform based on 3D dynamic ultra-high-speed optical recognition technology.

    Anhui Lvzhou Technology Co., Ltd. R&D and industrialization project of AIOS-based passenger car and heavy truck swap station station control brain operating system.

    Hefei Gaowei Data Technology Co., Ltd. Screen shooting leak warning system project in key places.

    Anhui Zhibo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Mobile law enforcement system based on multi-dimensional and multi-state intelligent sensing terminals.

    Anhui Aofei Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd. R&D and industrialization of intelligent voice acoustic MEMS microphone.

    Hefei Jiangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. R&D and industrialization project of automotive HUD system based on augmented reality technology.

    Hefei Ruosen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Research and industrialization project of intelligent phased array satellite communication chip.

    Anhui Falcon Wave Technology Co., Ltd. Multi-mode composite intelligent perception system research and development industrialization project.

    Anhui Keyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. A new generation of AI + machine vision industrial inspection platform project.

    Hefei Wanhao Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. R&D project of intelligent vehicle-mounted natural gas liquefaction control system and artificial intelligence equipment.

    Kochman Electric Co., Ltd. R&D and industrialization project of heat pump control system based on artificial intelligence K-means algorithm.

    Anhui Qingxin Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. Research and application of mobile sky-eye intelligent law enforcement system based on multi-network integration.

    Anhui Baicheng Huitong Technology Co., Ltd. AI+ rural road digital intelligent management platform.

    Anhui Wenkang Technology Co., Ltd. Industrialization of expressway intelligent vehicle monitoring, early warning and guidance system based on directional voice.

    Hefei Zhongke Zhicun Technology Co., Ltd. High-efficiency storage and computing fusion AI chip technology research and development and industrialization project.

    Anhui Shangxin Zhengtong Information Technology Co., Ltd. An integrated platform for collaborative circulation based on autonomous controllable and heterogeneous business domains.